Collaborate and Consult

Effortlessly expand your veterinary practice with Asteris Keystone Community.

Asteris Keystone Community simplifies collaboration by streamlining every phase of the referral and consultation process including viewing, diagnosing, and reporting.

Send your images out for consultation with a simple touch of a button. Asteris Keystone Community is the only product in the veterinary market that allows you to request a consult and receive a report without requiring service contracts or memberships. Installation is a snap, and Community does the hard work for you!

The result: more time for delivering exceptional care and communicating with referral partners, colleagues, and pet parents.

  • Eliminate the hassle and worry of manual image data backups with automatic archiving, encrypting, and storage on our cloud-based servers.
  • Search, download, view, or transfer data remotely anywhere, anytime, from any device: in JPEG format with a web browser, or in DICOM format with our free online DICOM viewer.
  • Pay as you go with no annual or extended fees: Simply pay our study fee one time for each study (set of images). NO costly extended service or annual maintenance fees required.

To learn more about referrals or consultations using Asteris Keystone, click here.

FAQs about Collaborating and Consulting with Asteris Keystone:

Asteris provides so much more than a storage location for your images. We provide a simple way for you to manage multiple modalities, write reports, and share images outside of your practice. Customers who try their x-ray vendor’s “free” offer quickly realize its limitations and return for our more cost-effective per-study pricing.

Our per-study fees include:

  • Automatic updates and upgrades to Asteris Keystone PACS and viewing software
  • Technical support for Asteris Keystone PACS and viewing software
  • Unlimited offsite archiving
  • Monthly reports detailing archiving activity, including study and archive dates, patients, owners, number of images, and modalities
  • Offsite and mobile data access from any browser or platform through Asteris Keystone Online
  • Support for users who receive images sent from Asteris Keystone PACS

No extended contracts. Only pay for what you use. Cancel at any time.

For most customers, data is retained on our servers for seven years. However, this can be extended.

Unlike most offsite storage vendors, we will never alter your data for storage space optimization. If your data is ever required for liability reasons, you should be able to provide it in the same state that it was used for diagnosis.
If your local data is lost due to computer failure or other disaster, we can potentially have you up and running in a matter of minutes. Depending on your volume of data, actual image synchronization may take significantly longer but requires no client involvement.