Asteris Keystone Repository

Make equine auction information readily available for a smoother, more efficient sales process.

Today’s equine sales require nearly three dozen recent X-rays of each horse, with associated reports of medical procedures. Managing such a large volume of auction data is extremely challenging, especially when your submitting veterinarians and staff are busy with the day-to-day operations of their clinics.

Asteris Keystone Repository simplifies file management so that auction information is readily available to buyers, consigners, and veterinarians.

With Asteris Keystone Repository:

  • Veterinarians can effortlessly upload images and report files to the auction site from anywhere in the world via an intuitive proprietary interface.
  • Repository staff may view images, organize files, and change their status as needed with this user-friendly solution.
  • All files are stored on the Asteris Keystone cloud-based server, making it a snap to upload or view diagnostic images and reports.

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FAQs for Asteris Keystone Equine Repository:

Upon submission, images are encrypted and stored using Asteris Keystone’s patented format. Images are stored locally, as well as in our Asteris cloud. Users may also choose to store image and report files on additional onsite and remote servers.

Asteris Keystone Repository allows you to define the X-rays, reports, and other files that can be submitted for sales, ensuring that all of the required files are submitted and correctly defined.

Submit images directly through Asteris Keystone or via our free and simple Asteris Keystone Community application. Multiple X-ray studies and supplementary files are automatically consolidated for a single hip/lot submission.

Asteris Keystone Repository offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed exclusively for Repository Administrators by Repository Administrators. An Administrator can change the status of a hip lot to “Sold,” “Passed In,” or “Withdrawn” with a simple click of a button.

Asteris Keystone Repository makes it easy to view or print statistical reports of view counts, viewing times, and reading parties, in real time, on any workstation or mobile device. Easily send consigners and buyers links to dynamic statistical data.