Improve your workflow

Designed specifically for veterinarians, Asteris Keystone enables you to consult, diagnose, and report more efficiently and effectively.

Asteris Keystone offers a set of add-on utility features that are easy to install, learn, and use. These features integrate with Keystone Software Suite, work with any DICOM imaging modality, and scale to grow with your practice.

It's simple to tailor Asteris Keystone software to fit your practice size, setup, and specialization. The features enable you to:

  • View images and diagnose with confidence. View images and diagnose with confidence. Retrieve images via our integrated DICOM viewer.
    • Our DICOM viewer features 2D Multi Planar Reconstruction that enables you to easily reconstruct images in multiple planes for greater diagnostic accuracy.
    • Effortlessly route and synchronize images amongst multiple sites and specialists.
  • Reduce the time and effort put into reporting with pre-designed report templates and a host of other time-saving features that work seamlessly with your practice-management software.
  • Quickly and easily schedule and monitor the status of radiological exams with our Modality Worklist/Scheduling feature, all in a single simple user interface.
  • Seamlessly work with other veterinary software platforms with our Application Programming Interface (API). Easily store and retrieve patient data, schedule and track examinations, and display diagnostic images within other veterinary software platforms.

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FAQs about Improving your Workflow with Asteris Keystone:

The truth is, not all image management services are fully DICOM-compliant. We are. We work directly with customers to configure Asteris Keystone to accommodate ALL standard DICOM modalities. Very few of our competitors do this.

At Asteris, we enable data received from DICOM modalities to be processed in a manner that allows for expansion and changes to the DICOM standard, as published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). We also have the ability to package non-DICOM device data into DICOM format and structure it to be compliant with current (3.0) DICOM standards, allowing for the anticipated expansion of veterinary-specific DICOM elements.

Simply put: All of them. For years we have been enhancing our imaging modules to accept, process, and view data from as many devices as we have encountered in the field. We even play nicely with non-DICOM images, as well as DICOM images that fail DICOM specifications.