The Asteris Keystone Difference

We provide benefits unmatched by competition:

Software designed for veterinarians -- and built specifically to meet your unique needs.
Asteris Keystone software is NOT retrofitted from systems used in human medicine or other medical fields.

Our first product was invented by a veterinary technician who saw a need and met it. We continue to develop products based on our industry knowledge, as well as input from general practitioners, radiologists, and technical personnel.

The most flexible solution in the industry.
We offer you maximum flexibility in creating a solution that fits your needs. We can customize your Asteris Keystone software with user-friendly features, including advanced teleconsultation workflow, scheduling, multi-site synchronization, and MPR capabilities.

Which ones you choose will depend on your practice size, setup, and specialization. No other provider delivers the flexibility that we offer. The Asteris Keystone Suite can even be easily adapted to work with non-Asteris solutions.

Software that is actually fully DICOM-compliant.
While many claim to be DICOM-compliant, we actually are. We work directly with you to configure our software to accommodate ALL standard DICOM modalities. We also process data in a manner that allows for expansion and changes to the DICOM standard.

We have even developed the ability to package non-DICOM data into a DICOM format that is compliant with current DICOM 3.0 standards, and will also allow for the anticipated future expansion of veterinary-specific standards.

Superior speed and quality of image transfer.
The speed of image transfer matters, especially if you have multiple locations or deliver emergency care.

But you can’t afford to sacrifice image quality for speed because lack of image detail can result in a potentially catastrophic misdiagnosis. That’s why our patented file packaging mechanisms deliver:

  • An average 55% reduction in file size with no degradation to diagnostic image data.
  • The ability to transfer files across a network or the internet up to 3X faster than our competitors with only half of the storage capacity required.

Unrivaled data security and integrity.
Asteris packages files using encryption routines approved and utilized by the United States government.

However, since no encryption routine is completely unbreakable, Asteris uses additional proprietary algorithms to enforce authentication and prevent file modification. If a user cannot be approved for access to a particular image, or if a single byte of the image has been altered, access will be denied and a system administrator alerted.

Lower total cost of ownership with no hidden fees or extended contracts.
Simple pay-as-you-go service model for lower total cost of ownership. Pay a single fee for each study (set of images.) NO costly extended service or annual maintenance fees required.

Service and support that exceeds the Industry Standard.
When your practice is successful, we are successful. That’s why we provide exceptional products backed by unrivaled technical support.

Our top-tier Technical Support Team is personally invested in providing you with the highest level of service and support. We don’t transfer your call to a third-party company or service. We commit to addressing each and every issue – and are known for addressing an issue even if our software did not cause it!

Asteris. Because one-size- fits-all… doesn’t fit.
You don’t deliver one-size-fits-all veterinary care. You don’t need a one-size-fits-all image management solution.