Manage and View Your Images

Easily and efficiently manage every step of your digital imaging process with Asteris Keystone PACS, the foundation of our digital imaging solution.

Asteris Keystone PACS goes beyond merely storing images to enable you to:

  • Access: Effortlessly store, access, transfer, and share your digital images with Asteris Keystone PACS. Use our convenient Asteris Keystone Online app for remote/mobile access to your images, reports, and files from any platform or device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Retrieve: Review and diagnose using our integrated DICOM image viewer. Advanced features include 2D Multi-Planar Reconstruction that enables you to easily reconstruct images in multiple planes for greater diagnostic accuracy. And because we strive to tailor solutions to your practice, Asteris Keystone PACS will even work with any other DICOM-compliant image viewer from another provider.
  • Transfer: Transfer DICOM and non-DICOM images of any modality.
    Our patented image transfer method enables Asteris Keystone to transfer images 2-3 TIMES FASTER than our competitors.
  • Share: Easily share both DICOM and non-DICOM files and images with multiple facilities, colleagues, referral partners, and clients for review and interpretation with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Integrate: Seamlessly connect Asteris Keystone PACS to your diagnostic equipment, Radiology Information System (RIS), and practice management software.
  • Create reports: Reduce the time and effort put into reporting with a host of time-saving features that work seamlessly with your practice-management software, including speech-to-text compatibility, predesigned report templates, and custom report template capability.
  • Archive and secure data: Automatically archive and secure data in our cloud-based platform.

To learn more about Asteris Keystone PACS, click here.

FAQs about Managing and Viewing your Images:

Asteris provides so much more than a storage location for your images. We provide a simple way for you to manage multiple modalities, write reports, and share images outside of your practice. Customers who try their x-ray vendor's "free" offer quickly realize its limitations and return for our more cost-effective per-study pricing.

Our per-study fees include:
  • Automatic updates and upgrades to Asteris Keystone PACS and viewing software
  • Technical support for Asteris Keystone PACS and viewing software
  • Unlimited offsite archiving
  • Monthly reports detailing archiving activity, including study and archive dates, patients, owners, number of images, and modalities
  • Offsite and mobile data access from any browser or platform through Asteris Keystone Online
  • Support for users who receive images sent from Asteris Keystone PACS
  • No extended contracts. Only pay for what you use. Cancel at any time.

    The truth is, not all image management services are fully DICOM-compliant. We are. We work directly with customers to configure Asteris Keystone to accommodate ALL standard DICOM modalities. Very few of our competitors do this.

    At Asteris, we enable data received from DICOM modalities to be processed in a manner that allows for expansion and changes to the DICOM standard, as published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). We also have the ability to package non-DICOM device data into DICOM format and structure it to be compliant with current (3.0) DICOM standards, allowing for the anticipated expansion of veterinary-specific DICOM elements.

    The term “Browser-Based DICOM Viewer” is a misnomer – currently no web browser is capable of rendering a DICOM image with the exact quality and resolution of the original image. All medical browser-based image viewers display degraded renderings of the original DICOM images. Asteris offers a true DICOM viewer that you can launch from our website if you are accessing your data remotely.

    Asteris' patented file packaging mechanisms yields an average of a 55% reduction in file size with no degradation to diagnostic image data. With this, we can transfer files across a network or the internet up to three times faster than our competitors, and only require half of the storage capacity.

    • We have consistently proven that competitive claims of faster speeds are false, or that the images are being compressed or otherwise degraded before transfer.
    • We deliver both speed and data integrity because we believe that our customers deserve the greatest level of quality possible; a misdiagnosis from lack of image detail due to degradation could be catastrophic to the patient and is therefore unacceptable.