Our Story

The idea for Asteris was sparked over twenty years ago when one of our founders, a former veterinary technician at a large animal clinic, saw a need to improve diagnostic image storage and workflow. He teamed up with our CEO/co-founder who developed and patented the breakthrough diagnostic image transfer technique that became the core of what is now Asteris.

The goal was to help veterinarians make sound medical decisions with ease, clarity, and confidence. Born out of our own experience, we set out on a mission to provide innovative solutions and unrivaled support that fit your practice and your patients.

Today, with our flagship product, Asteris Keystone Software Suite, you can now store, transfer, retrieve, and view digital images easily and efficiently. Our digital image management solution gives you real-time access to vital information, while streamlining your veterinary practice workflow, simplifying the radiology consultation process, and ensuring that your data is secure.

The same drive responsible for the establishment of Asteris lives on with the same spirit. As we develop solutions to veterinary care challenges, we seek input from those who face those challenges everyday: veterinarians, technicians, and anyone who can help us create products improve the delivery of care.

And although we’ve grown over the years, mostly by word of mouth, our approach hasn’t changed.

Asteris Keystone: We make sure that your solution fits you. Because one size fits all... doesn't fit.