Security and Performance

Even with rigorous standardization, DICOM security presents many challenges. Asteris Keystone’s proprietary patent-pending file format meets them all.

Our patented storage and transfer method provides you with two important benefits that are missing from other current solutions in the marketplace:

Asteris packages files using encryption routines approved and utilized by the United States government.

However, since no encryption routine is completely unbreakable, Asteris uses additional algorithms to enforce authentication and prevent file modification. If a user cannot be approved for access to a particular image, or if a single byte of the image has been altered, access will be denied and a system administrator alerted.

Once packaged, our proprietary format enables a medical document to be transferred across a network or the internet in a manner that is up to 3 times faster than standard DICOM transfer protocols — with NO degradation of data or image quality.

High transfer speed is crucial in the archiving and retrieving of images. Our performance distinguishes us from all other current digital image management solutions.