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K. Leann Kuebelbeck, DVM, Diplomate ACVS Surgeon, Owner- Surgi-Care Center for Horses

"Before we met the Asteris team, we were quickly running out of storage space for our image data. I knew we needed to improve or get a different storage system. As soon as I met the Asteris team, I immediately felt at ease. They were able to take the images that we were producing on a daily basis and archive those for us. From there, we can now send out an e-mail and have those images sent out to whomever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want. It's extremely user-friendly and we're very pleased with how that whole system works for us."

Scott Hay, DVM Teigland, Franklin & Brokken, DVM's, P.A.

"The Asteris system is something I'm very pleased with because it handles all of our modalities, and integrates them into one, simple-to-use system. Having someone know all of our different modalities on the veterinary side has been very important to us, particularly Asteris' familiarity with the veterinary DR systems and the ultrasound systems. They've really delivered on everything that we were looking for and everything that they promised."

Kirk Eddleman, DVM, MHA CEO, Inova Partners (Practice Management Software Solutions) CEO, Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery

"The main benefit of working with Asteris is they understood our problem. They come from a background where they had already experienced these problems themselves and they were able to come up with a solution that they were able to bring to our practice. Once we made the decision to go with Asteris, we had an on-site custom installation within a few days and in a couple of weeks, we had both hospitals and all of our remote locations up and running. I'm extremely impressed with them."

Thomas M. Hanson, MS, DVM Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center

It's nice to have a product that allows me to work remotely with confidence.  With Asteris Keystone and Dragon on my Dell laptop, it was like working from my desk! Thanks again!

Robert Badertscher II, DVM, DACVR Gold Coast Animal Hospital

"The great thing is that you all have a heart for veterinarians and you "listen" rather than make assumptions."

Jeff Siems, MS, DVM, DACVR; Inland Empire Veterinary Imaging

"Asteris Keystone Community has changed the way I work - it has been a valuable tool that has helped my practice to grow and made our workflow more efficient. I wish everyone used Asteris Keystone Community."